– HOMESICK Summerclosing
– Club Seilerstra├če / Zwickau
– 01.06.2024 / 04:00 – 06:00

Loving Music Since My Childhood

As an artist in the electronic music genre of Techno, Marko Sprada, also known under the aliases 3Tekk and Jokertech, has made a name for himself known for innovation, energetic performances, and a passion for electronic sounds. Marko Sprada discovered his love for electronic music at an early age.

His musical journey began with experimenting with various forms and styles of sound, quickly finding himself drawn to the driving force and hypnotic atmosphere of Techno. Inspired by the pioneers of the electronic music scene, Marko Sprada began producing his own tracks under the names 3Tekk and Jokertech, realizing his unique sonic vision.

With his talent for creating captivating beats and engaging melodies, Marko Sprada, under his aliases, began performing at various clubs and venues. His high-energy sets and ability to captivate the crowd with his distinctive sound quickly made him a sought-after act in the Techno scene.

Marko Sprada is known for his ability to blend various elements and influences into a seamless and memorable sonic experience. His music, produced under both 3Tekk and Jokertech, is a fusion of driving rhythms, hypnotic melodies, and experimental soundscapes that take listeners on a sonic journey.

Offstage, Marko Sprada, under his aliases, is also active as a passionate producer and sound designer. His productions are characterized by their versatility, originality, and technical finesse, and he has already released a variety of tracks and remixes under both monikers that have been celebrated by critics and fans alike.

With his unwavering commitment to music and boundless creativity, Marko Sprada, known as 3Tekk and Jokertech, is undoubtedly one of the rising stars of the Techno scene and an artist to watch for in the future.

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